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Latest News and Information for LMP Motors

LMP Leases Prime Retail Facilities On the Corner of 5th. St. and Alton Rd.

LMP leases prime retail facilities on the corner of 5th. Street and Alton Rd. to house nearly 200 vehicles…

LMP Signs a Letter of Intent to Purchase 4 Dealerships

LMP signs a letter of intent to purchase a South-East based pre-owned automobile dealership…

LMP Orders New Lamborghini Huracans

LMP orders new Lamborghini Huracans to expand its rental and subscription business.

LMP Opens its First Retail Subscription and Rental Location

LMP opens its first retail subscription and rental location in Florida…

BMW & Mini Purchases for Subscription and Rental Business

LMP Signs an agreement to purchase new BMW’s and MINI’s for its subscription and rental divisions and has placed its initial order of approximately $12,000,000…

LMP Retains Pinnacle Mergers and Acquisitions

LMP retains Pinnacle Mergers and Acquisitions and signs a letter of intent to purchase a Mid-West…

LMP Retains Morgan Stanley

LMP retains Morgan Stanley for financial services.

LMP Closes is First Round Equity Offering

LMP closes is first round equity offering raising $9,517,239 and files a form D…